This is the home page headline text area. Just drag a "ClickBump Box 1" widget over into the "Above Content" sidebar placeholder, add your headline text and Save it. To confine it to the home page, click "Show on... Home" from the Widget Visibility panel.


This is your sticky post home page content. You may edit it at Posts > Home Page. You can easily enable and disable options and layout settings via the ClickBump button within the WordPress admin panel.

This is a simple blockquote. C5 automatically applies styling to it. You can apply this style to any text within your content by selecting it and clicking the “quotes” toolbar icon.

Need to edit the top menu bar? Just go to “Appearance > Menus“. You can drag and drop menu items to create flyouts, or add/remove menu items. You can combine posts, pages, even categories into a single menu.